Monday, 30 November 2015

QE quarterback: Fed sees 'through Wall Street's eyes'

This month marks the seventh anniversary of the Federal Reserve's first round of quantitative easing — the program that more than quadrupled the central bank's balance sheet, sparking a debate over the limits of monetary policy. The Fed is now taking baby steps toward ending its crisis-era policy, laying the groundwork for a widely expected interest rate hike in a few weeks. 

That hasn't allayed the concerns of a former Fed official who helped implement QE. Andrew Huszar is a Fed veteran who served as the "quarterback" for the world's largest stimulus program by managing the purchase of more than USD 1 trillion worth of mortgage-backed bonds — only to renounce his support for the entire effort in a 2013 public apology. In a recent interview with CNBC, Huszar insisted the excess liquidity created by the Fed has done more to enrich Wall Street than the average citizen.

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